Toy story lessons

Yesterday, I saw Toy Story 3 for the first time and experienced the beauty. For me, the movie held many messages. For example, Woody shows incredible loyalty to Andy and is reluctant to join the other toys in deserting him voluntarily. Also, Lotso and his Sunnyfield cronies physically abuse the telephone to get him to spill the beans and he says “they broke me”. This reminded me of the way or hostages are treated occasionally in order for them to reveal intelligence. Finally in the end, the quote “parting is such sweet sorrow” comes to mind. Andy has to part with both his mom and his toys. Both sides shed tears but in the end it’s for the best.


Appreciation for what you’ve got

Just recently, I had a cyst on my wrist removed. As a result, I have had a cast on my right arm for around 2 weeks. (Let it be noted that I am right-handed.) This cast has in a sense “paralyzed” my right arm. I’ve had to learn to cope with just my left arm, making movements awkward and uncoordinated.

This cast has also made me thankful for the fact that it’s temporary. Sure it’s annoying now, but soon it’ll be gone. Unfortunately, for some people living life with one arm isn’t a one-time thing, it’s reality. This realization has made me feel blessed that I have, among other things, the full use of both my arms. My cast experience has allowed me to step into the shoes of a disabled person and respect them more. I am now able to empathize more because I have experienced first-hand a small portion of it. This is truly learning from experience.

Work and mindsets

Sometimes I get upset at my parents for wanting me to study extra apart from my homework, if time permitting, each night. But once I’ve calmed down, I realize that it’s just for my benefit, so that I may absorb more and learn more from/about my subjects.

In Carol Dweck’s “Mindset”, she talks about how students often judge each by the amount of work, or lack thereof that they put into studying daily. She points out that in the fixed mindset, the so-called “naturally talented” students, can ace the course without any work. These students, and others around them, then believe that being smart means working less. This in turn hinders their learning because they aren’t reviewing or developing solid study habits, which is a skill within itself.
However, Dweck says that the growth mindset students look at studying, work, homework etc. as an opportunity to become better and hone/improve their knowledge/skills. This, in my mind, is the approach that students should take towards school work and learning. Though I’m not asking, nor am I expecting, students to like or enjoy homework, I just feel like they should be aware of the value it has.

— the fixed and growth mindsets are explained in detail in “Mindset”. I’m sorry if anyone feels like I didn’t explain that fully, however that was not the point of this post. 🙂 please feel free to comment with any questions.

Time flies away so fast!

The time is there, but so often we let ourselves wander and dilly-dally, thus losing the time necessary for work and fun. Often, we also may choose more fun over constructive work, then argue that “we didnt have time”.

I know I’ve fallen into this trap before and that it makes my conscience guilty each time. But then, why do I (and others) continue to do it?…

Abusive power

How often do people abuse a position? It’s often seen in authority figures such as presidents, mayors, police officers etc. Most often, people use their power to further their personal agenda instead of for the community like it was intended.

The Road Less Travelled

Life is about trying new things and creating your own path. Oftentimes when I think about life, I’m reminded of the Robert Frost poem “The Road Less Travelled”. “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I took the one less travelled by. And that has made all the difference.” To me this means, taking risks, trying new things, and discovering what’s out there for you. It means not following the crowd but being unique and taking a new road that will help you determine who you are. This will also maybe give you a glimpse of what your future has in store. So be brave, and take the road less travelled.