Appreciation for what you’ve got

Just recently, I had a cyst on my wrist removed. As a result, I have had a cast on my right arm for around 2 weeks. (Let it be noted that I am right-handed.) This cast has in a sense “paralyzed” my right arm. I’ve had to learn to cope with just my left arm, making movements awkward and uncoordinated.

This cast has also made me thankful for the fact that it’s temporary. Sure it’s annoying now, but soon it’ll be gone. Unfortunately, for some people living life with one arm isn’t a one-time thing, it’s reality. This realization has made me feel blessed that I have, among other things, the full use of both my arms. My cast experience has allowed me to step into the shoes of a disabled person and respect them more. I am now able to empathize more because I have experienced first-hand a small portion of it. This is truly learning from experience.


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