The difference technology makes

Under such a title, I could go in many directions, but I want to focus on the varying ages of technology users and their respective uses. My 85 year old grandmother used to spend her days reading, but as she grew older, this became more and more difficult. Soon, she began spending more time watching tv. She has an unquenchable thirst for learning and she continued to pursue it by watching shows. However when we purchased the Apple iPad, it turned her learning around. Now she can stream her shows via YouTube, browse websites without having to venture down to the basement, and even read on the magnifiable screen. Occasionally we hear her ask “Where’s my iPad?”. It’s so exciting for me to hear her call it hers because she is really the main person who uses it to it’s full potential, and I love how she continues learning through it. She hasn’t let her age stop her from advancing her knowledge, and it’s truly a beautiful thing.

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