The power of kindness

Ok, so I didn’t have a post yesterday. I hope this can count double!

Yesterday I realized that the inherent kindness of people can have a large impact. I was having a pretty rough day and was in a generally bad mood. However, the genuine concern and warmth my friends showed, cheered me up considerably.

Along the same line, I just wrote up a short proposal of a culture hacking project that Mr. Burk and I are exploring called E-Kudos. The gist of the project involves capturing acts of kindness and interest from all over campus then sharing them via the flat screens. With this, everyone can see the small acts of kindness that make a big difference in individual lives. Then this kindness can apply upon a bigger scale, reaching more people than just the initial one.

Kindness makes a big difference and I realized just how much so yesterday. Share a smile, give a hug and just be there for others. It’s not hard and it goes a long way.

Bisous 🙂
Live, Laugh, Love
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Cultural experiences

Today my mom’s high school friend came to visit from India and we took her with us to the first home football game of the year. She had never been to a football game before, and it was really interesting to see her reactions to the plays. This really reminded me of how different cultures from other countries can be. I’ve grown up knowing about football since kindergarten but kids in india have probably never seen a game unless via tv! Instead, they’ve grown up with cricket, which I’ve only seen played once and that only online. I think it’s really important that we understand about other cultures and How they work to get along better.

Bisous 🙂
Live, Laugh, Love
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Progressive school

My friend S and I recently submitted an application for TEDxKids@BC around the topic of fun school. We said that school that creates a love of learning embraces failure and prototyping, incorporates technology, featured increased student discussion and focuses on improvement and retention.

I was super proud this past week to see my high school modeling all of these aspects! On the first day alone, I heard words like formative assessment, twitter, blogging, student discussion, and “don’t be afraid to take a risk and fail”, more than once as I visited my classes. In physics, we’ve learnt concepts with real life examples and our teacher admitted that the numbers given in the book were outrageous. My bible teacher is really into incorporating technology and using formative assessments for us to gauge our learning. Finally, in math, the students answer each others questions, problem solve each others issues, guide class discussion and are encouraged to take risks and be willing to fail.

So this school that creates a love of learning and creates a fun environment is not out of reach. It is possible, realistic and I think it makes school that much more fun!

Precariously balanced? Or teetering smoothly?

The theme I’ve created for my freshmen year is balance, finding it and maintaining it. Creating a balance between school, home, friends and sports. Trying not to get swallowed by the hugeness that is high school and attempting to stay afloat in a sea of chaos.

On my first day of high school last week, I was shocked and overwhelmed my the amount of homework I received, and the fact that I received any at all! That night as I frantically finished up a paper and checked my math problems, I remember wondering whether all days were going to be like this one, and groaning inwardly at the thought. The next morning, I had planned to visit a teacher but arrived with just enough time to make it to home room. Once again, the volume of homework was increasing and my dread with it. In my lucky free period, I managed to knock off one item, but took up the rest going to early lunch to sooth my growling stomach. Then when lunch actually started, I mingled with my friends, trying to forget my haunting pile of homework.

Caught up in the flow of life, I’d forgotten to breathe. I let my worries hang over my head like stormy rain clouds, causing me unhappiness. So today, I focused on living in the moment. I know I can get my homework done, so right now, let me enjoy this class, my friends’ company and life!

I know that sometimes this happens to all of us, we get swept away by the hustle and bustle of general life and forget to take the time to breath. Sometimes, planning ahead is exactly what we DON’T need (gasp!)

So today, I decided to not let it all get to my head, but to just let the tide of life wash over me and not carry me away.

Bisous 🙂
Live, Laugh, Love
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No pain, no gain

So I know this isn’t something I learned today, but I really wanted to share 🙂

Yesterday was a pretty big day for me, aside from the fact that it was the first day of the first full week of school. Yesterday marked the culmination of an ongoing two+ year event; I got my braces off. Yes, I know this may not seem like a big deal, but I’ve undergone a lot of pain, both physically and emotionally, for the sake of these braces and straight teeth. Cut up lips, blistered gums, aching teeth, feeling like a dragon and having to adjust to the metal, have all been hurdles along my path. Reaching the end of this journey has reminded me of the saying “No pain, no gain”.

Personally, as a runner, at the end of a long run, I must be sore, sweaty, and breathing hard, for me to feel like I did my best. Sometimes it hurts to get there, but the end is always worth it.

So now, when I look at my new smile, I’m reminded of what it took for it to be. And you know what, that pain before makes it all the more worth it in the end.

A blog post a day, keeps the mind from disarray

As I was reading blogs from my newly created reader, I saw a post about trying to blog everyday, and the idea of a sort of “blog journal” fascinated me. Also, I am “connected” with the edu180atl project, and the thought of thinking deeper than normal about what you learned today appealed to me as well. So I thought, why not combine the two and create a blog journal of what you learned each day? And what better time to start than in highschool?

My goal is to post something everyday somehow related to what I learnt that day. Somedays the postings may be brief, on other days mini-essays. I’m experimenting and let’s see how it goes. After all, it’s all about the journey!


Today, while just listening to music, a phrase from Hero by Superchic(k) really got my attention. According to the song, “Heroes are made when you make the choice. You could be a hero, heroes do what’s right. You could be a hero, you might save a life”. The rest of the song goes on to show how heroes are found in the real world and how their choices can make or break a life. I really felt how just one action, just doing the right thing, like choosing to say hi to a lonely kid in the hall, a bystander stopping a bully or even an older sibling being extra careful to set a good example, can shape someone else’s life. Small actions done by any person makes them a hero because they, as the song says, made the choice.
This song helped me clarify in a way who the real heroes are, people who made a difference by making “the” choice. The girl who told her parents about a bully, the purple heart recipient, and the controversial ruler who did what he/she had to in order to save their people, all of them are heroes.