Today, while just listening to music, a phrase from Hero by Superchic(k) really got my attention. According to the song, “Heroes are made when you make the choice. You could be a hero, heroes do what’s right. You could be a hero, you might save a life”. The rest of the song goes on to show how heroes are found in the real world and how their choices can make or break a life. I really felt how just one action, just doing the right thing, like choosing to say hi to a lonely kid in the hall, a bystander stopping a bully or even an older sibling being extra careful to set a good example, can shape someone else’s life. Small actions done by any person makes them a hero because they, as the song says, made the choice.
This song helped me clarify in a way who the real heroes are, people who made a difference by making “the” choice. The girl who told her parents about a bully, the purple heart recipient, and the controversial ruler who did what he/she had to in order to save their people, all of them are heroes.


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