Precariously balanced? Or teetering smoothly?

The theme I’ve created for my freshmen year is balance, finding it and maintaining it. Creating a balance between school, home, friends and sports. Trying not to get swallowed by the hugeness that is high school and attempting to stay afloat in a sea of chaos.

On my first day of high school last week, I was shocked and overwhelmed my the amount of homework I received, and the fact that I received any at all! That night as I frantically finished up a paper and checked my math problems, I remember wondering whether all days were going to be like this one, and groaning inwardly at the thought. The next morning, I had planned to visit a teacher but arrived with just enough time to make it to home room. Once again, the volume of homework was increasing and my dread with it. In my lucky free period, I managed to knock off one item, but took up the rest going to early lunch to sooth my growling stomach. Then when lunch actually started, I mingled with my friends, trying to forget my haunting pile of homework.

Caught up in the flow of life, I’d forgotten to breathe. I let my worries hang over my head like stormy rain clouds, causing me unhappiness. So today, I focused on living in the moment. I know I can get my homework done, so right now, let me enjoy this class, my friends’ company and life!

I know that sometimes this happens to all of us, we get swept away by the hustle and bustle of general life and forget to take the time to breath. Sometimes, planning ahead is exactly what we DON’T need (gasp!)

So today, I decided to not let it all get to my head, but to just let the tide of life wash over me and not carry me away.

Bisous 🙂
Live, Laugh, Love
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