Progressive school

My friend S and I recently submitted an application for TEDxKids@BC around the topic of fun school. We said that school that creates a love of learning embraces failure and prototyping, incorporates technology, featured increased student discussion and focuses on improvement and retention.

I was super proud this past week to see my high school modeling all of these aspects! On the first day alone, I heard words like formative assessment, twitter, blogging, student discussion, and “don’t be afraid to take a risk and fail”, more than once as I visited my classes. In physics, we’ve learnt concepts with real life examples and our teacher admitted that the numbers given in the book were outrageous. My bible teacher is really into incorporating technology and using formative assessments for us to gauge our learning. Finally, in math, the students answer each others questions, problem solve each others issues, guide class discussion and are encouraged to take risks and be willing to fail.

So this school that creates a love of learning and creates a fun environment is not out of reach. It is possible, realistic and I think it makes school that much more fun!


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