The Unexpected Happens

The song If I Die Young by The Band Perry contains the line, “Life ain’t always how you think it ought to be.” In my opinion, this is a great quote about rolling with the punches. Always expect the unexpected and when it comes, take it in stride.

       Often times, I’ll make a plan to do something and if/when the plan isn’t completed fully, I get upset and feel like I didn’t get enough done. This is a bad mindset! Sometimes, other things will come up that change the plan. It is important that we keep our minds and our plans flexible and open to change.

I feel like this is a message I could pay more heed to. Sometimes, life throws a curve-ball and I react strongly to it. Most of the time, it would be better to calmly address the issue as opposed to confronting it head-on with my emotions flaring. Just because things don’t go your way isn’t a reason to get upset. Sometimes your day just won’t go your way. I personally could do with remembering this and realizing that everything will turn out ok eventually. The little hiccup will smooth itself out soon.

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