Connect the Dots

Connect the Dots

Today I realized that concepts are easier to retain when you form real-life connections. This thought brings to mind my JH principal, Mr. A, and something he used in thr beginning of school assembly a year or two ago. The saying was “neurons that wire together fire together” meaning that when neurons connect they work better together and produce better results. In my physics class, we have been incorporating math that we are learning currently, such as the properties of right triangles and trig, into how we solve our physics/optics problems. This inter-class connection provides an opportunity for us to hone our skills in a setting different from the normal bread and butter problems. Also, in French, we have referenced our English grammar skills. This has shown me that a good knowledge of one requires and equally good/better knowledge of the other.

Connecting between classes solidifies one’s knowledge of both concepts at once. I personally find it really helpful for the material to overlap a bit because it helps my classes flow together better. It also provides a good way to practice the skills in a more real world setting.


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