Lessons from the U.S open

Today we went to see the U.S open and alongside the magnificent tennis, the stories of perseverance, of major comebacks and of nobodies becoming somebody, also stood out.


The first match we saw was between Juan Martin del Potro and Diego Junquiera. Del Potro sprang into the public consciousness by defeating Roger Federer 2 years ago in the finals. Unfortunately, the rest of his slam season was a flop, marked with injuries and low results. Now he’s back on the rode to recovery and trying to make his way back to the top. The experts say that he’s the only contender for a non-top 5 player to win this year because he’s done it before.


Next we saw Robby Ginepri, our “home boy” :). Ginepri was ranked highly but a little break from the tennis scene saw his rankings slip considerably. Now, he’s back on the court, playing whenever he can.


Ginepri’s opponent was John Isner, who up until a year ago, was just a lanky player practically unknown to the world. But at last year’s Wimbledon, he won the longest match in the history of tennis, which spanned approx. 2 days. Suddenly, everyone knew his name, and his game improved, seemingly as a result of the attention. Now he’s the third top American player and trying to win his first major title.


Finally we saw Andy Murray, who is supposedly the favorite upset outside the Elite Top Three. At first he was really struggling; making silly mistakes and letting his frustration effect his game. But after losing the first two sets and starting the second one down a break early, he came back with a vengeance. So much so that he overpowered his opponent, Robin Hasse, in the end.


Their stories inspire and motivate me. These players are key examples of how perseverance and a rebounding attitude can push anything towards the top.


Bisous 🙂
Live, Laugh, Love
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