Obama’s speech

Tonight President Obama gave a speech to Congress about unemployment and his plan to fix it. I thought he presented it well, plain and simple and he covered many counter-arguments that the Republicans were likely to make.

In a nutshell, the plan fuels the economy by providing work for builders through re-furnishing infrastructure, jobs for teachers by emphasizing the importance of education in our pursuit to stay #1, and changing some taxes. Mainly, he would increase taxes for the upper class and give cuts to companies who hire people who’ve been unemployed for 6+ months.

Although most of the plan probably won’t pass, it’s chock full of ideas that the president is passionate about. After the speech, the news analysts were discussing how straightforward this speech was as opposed to Obama’s normal eloquence. They believed this stemmed from the passion he has for this topic, a passion that was exhibited tonight.

I don’t know what’ll happen, but if some parts of this plan get passed, the US will have a major landmark on the road to recovery.

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