Not enough time?

How many times have you heard someone say ” I wish I could do ‘x’ but I just don’t have any time..”? I’ve realized that if one works hard enough you usually do have some amount of free time but it’s often spent on smaller areas that bring you joy.

What if we tried to do a few (2-3) of the things we say we’d do, per week? Taking the extra initiative to get them done would leave you with a great sense of satisfaction. I know that I would benefit mentally from doing this; it would make me feel accomplished and free up some time.

Also, plenty of people can say they’re busy and appropriately so but it important to keep in mind that most of the time, you chose this situation. Actively working in items of interest instead of maybe channel surfing or rereading a novel for the 100th time (i plead guilty to both…) could infuse a feeling of accomplishment and effective time management into your life. I definitely am going to try this and we’ll see what happens!

Bisous 🙂
Live, Laugh, Love


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