Remembering 9/11

On Friday, my school had an assembly to honor 9/11 and those who died. I personally was too young and too oblivious to have known or remember. But some of the stories shared that day really touched me. I was amazed at how so many people in my own school community had been affected by this. Not just shaken and upset, I found that quite a few people or their loved ones very nearly escaped being at the scene.

One of the speakers acknowledged his sadness and anger but went on to wonder why the unity that prevailed in the aftermath, had disappeared. He wondered how we could mourn on this day, and lash out at anyone not in full political agreement with us, the next. He compared the US’s reaction towards all American Muslims after 9/11 to our similar reaction towards American Japanese after Pearl Harbor, then reminding us that the Japanese American unit was one of the most heavily decorated in that war… He then urged us to seek unity because without it, we can’t really solve any of our major problems. As the Beatles so wonderfully put it, “Come together, right now… Over me…”.

So I say remember 9/11 and act as the united states we need to be, in the memory of those who died. In the immortal words of Ben Franklin “united we stand, divided we fall”. It’s as simple as that.

Bisous 🙂
Live, Laugh, Love


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