Breaking inertia

Today I learned that breaking the inertia can really help energize one to complete a not-so-fun assignment. Let me back up…. After finishing my homework, I had prep work to do for a practice debate coming up on Thursday but was not in the mood.

My mom urged me to “break the inertia”, I term that puzzled me at first. I knew about inertia from intro to physics last year, yet I remembered it first a just am object in motion stays in motion. This didn’t apply as I wasn’t currently doing any work on the assignment. Then I remembered that she must have been referring to my refusal to start working, aka my desire to stay not working and that I needed to break it by starting work.

Well, work I did and lo and behold, I actually got quite a bit done. I felt good finally attacking a project that I’d been procrastinating on. I’m glad I broke the inertia and got the job done!


One thought on “Breaking inertia

  1. Tara, we ALL struggle with this, especially when it comes to difficult or boring tasks. I am so proud of you for breaking the inertia!!

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