Separation between church and state

What does separation between church and state really mean?

In French, we are reading about the right to wear a burkha. This Islamic garment is now illegal in all public places there. We are currently discussing whether or not this is an infringement of rights.

So far, most people have said that this act violates their religious freedom and that there ought to be a greater separation between religion and the government. Religion is thought of as personal, sacred, something that the government ought not to intervene in. For instance, in the US, we have the freedom to choose our own religion and act accordingly as we like. However, in France they see separation between church and state as simply the government cannot tell you what to worship nor can the church govern. But the government may impose restrictions on what you can and can’t do regardless of any freedom of religion. Is that right?

Bisous đŸ™‚
Live, Laugh, Love


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