Autotuning and the future

Listening to the radio today, I was struck by the fake quality of some songs, then I began to think about auto-tuning. I remember when I first heard an auto tuned song. It was two summers ago with Katy Perry’s California Gurls. The song was so unnaturally pitched that I was perplexed. Now however, it’s the norm. Almost all songs have been altered to sound better (though this slightly alters the concert experience, auto-tuning does produce “interesting” sound/music).

But I’m curious and a little scared to imagine where this is going to end up. Just recently, Walmart introduced a mic that claims to “help you sing”, when in reality, all it does is autotune your voice. I wonder what this does to poor little girls and boys who are faced with a world in which their natural voice a- isn’t good enough, or b- doesn’t necessarily have to BE good, because it’ll all be altered anyways. Or maybe a world of robot sounding humans who all carry around little microphones to make their voice “sound better”? Is that what we want? I realize this is a bit out there, but just think about what this focus on autotuning might ultimately lead to….

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