Peer leadership

Alrighty, I meant to send this yesterday but in the hustle and bustle that is life, I didn’t. But now, ta-da!

Yesterday was our first day of peer leadership, a program where seniors team up with freshman to help them with their first year of high school…and I had mixed expectations. Some people had told me it was going to be boring, an extension of some of the bonding activities we’d endured in the past. Others said it had been the highlight of their school year. Personally, I was anticipating the day eagerly.

My hopes fell a bit when the fun day of games was pushed back due to inclement weather. But I shouldn’t have doubted because, after 3 classes, we were back on track, gathered in the MPR with our awesomely costumed leaders for a legit game of two truths and a lie. We continued the fun outside with ninja, Twister, an ice breaker game involving starbursts, and CatchPhrase!

I really enjoyed my first taste of peer leadership and can’t wait to see everyone again next Tuesday. Go America! (that was our theme :D)


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