In reading Freakanomics yesterday, I learned not only about economics, but also tips on how to write to engage an audience.

Freakanomics has a somewhat colloquial writing style, it’s not fancy but still fun to read, *gasp!* an economics book, fun??, yes that’s right. The authors hint at things to come in order to keep interest. Additionally, information we read about previously, is tied to current info to make it easier to stick.

This book is written in a story-like fashion, making the information less boring. I’ve learned that the obvious cause for something isn’t always accurate. Fringe outside influences play a bigger role than we realize. For example, the book cites the sharp decline in crime rates after the Great Depression. All the experts came up with reasons to explain this unexpected decrease like economic recovery, the gun law etc. But it turns out that one woman’s fight for an abortion might have started the dominoes. The legalized abortion prevented under privileged children, those most likely to grow up criminals, from being born. By time the crime rate was calculated these children were at the right age to be criminals, but they weren’t. Who would have thought such an unrelated thing would make a big difference?

Bisous 🙂
Live, Laugh, Love

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