Steve Jobs

As the entire world seems to be commenting on Steve Jobs and his incredible legacy, I feel compelled to submit my two cents.

I agree with a lot of what’s being said about how he revolutionized the way we see technology, that he’s great not only because his products are, but because they (and he) have touched so many people around the globe. To me, that’s the key thing. The difference between a hardworking CEO for a small unheard of company and Steve Jobs, is that everyone feels like they know him, and are connected to him. I say this as I type on my Mac and listen to music from my iPod.

Jobs led the charge to make technology simple, elegant and available. He put words like iTunes and iPod into our vocabulary, making them THE standard. No one says MP3 or music sharing website anymore! He was also interested in the union of education and technology. Apple pushed originally for incorporation into schools, gave many discounts on merchandise to students and educators, and supported a 2:1 project at GAC.

Some of my friends don’t like apple products because of their easy simplicity. But I say, this simplicity enabled my grandmother to use the Internet, watch videos and read books with larger font without having to trek downstairs and fidget with a mouse for an hour. This simplicity brought my mom into the world of texting. So to those who scoff, think of others whom it benefits.

I had a really cool idea for a tribute to Jobs, but it was kind of un realistic especially on short notice. So I’d just like to share it here for fun! What if people from all around the world, or just a lot of people, set their backgrounds on their apple products to a pic of jobs, or the apple logo, or a mini epitaph, like those iSad iMourn or Still  aliVE ones cropping up. Then everyone would gather with their products, spell out Steve jobs or just form the logo and someone could take a picture and post it. 😀

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