The Producers

Tonight I went to see my high school production, The Producers. The show itself is kind of controversial because of its sub-subject matter (Hitler) and the stereotypes it mocks such as gays, blonds etc. We’d had a talk on not taking the jokes seriously, and how it was okay to laugh at the racial and possibly “harmful” jokes in the Producers, as they are after all, jokes. I’d also heard a lot about the cast and the general plot line, so I was really excited to see the show!

The show definitely did not disappoint! Phenomenal acting, singing, costumes…the works! All accompanied by Mel Brooks’s jokes, the show was hilarious! My friends and I were like actually rolling with laughter. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it to anyone above the age of 12!

Bisous 🙂
Live, Laugh, Love


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