Fail in order to Succeed

Today at tennis, my coach urged me to hit so hard I lost control. When I responded that the task seemed counter intuitive, he told me that it’s just to see the hardest I can hit the ball; to know that I CAN do it. I believe this message can be applied to other areas. You must over exaggerate to become perfect, mess up to get better.

For example, when I had my braces, my orthodontist noticed my teeth slipping back. As a result, she decided to over-correct so that when my teeth attempt to move back, they’ll end up in the perfect position. Also, during any organization process, it’s necessary to make a bigger mess before you can clean it up. And at school, a bunch of teachers are recognizing that making mistakes and “failing” is the best way to learn and succeed!

Bisous 🙂
Live, Laugh, Love


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