Learning all around you

I’m really interested in how learning is not limited to school and tests but can be found anywhere. This week I saw something which was a quick learning moment that I want to share. This week marked the start of cold weather and with it, real fall. While admiring the changing leaves and new hued trees, my sister brought up the question of why; why do leaves change colors?

Why DO leaves change colors in the fall? A quick google search provided answers. We learned that there are 3 factors which affect the colors; the colder temperature, drier air, and longer nights. These three combined causes the chlorophyll, which provides the green color, to stop producing. Other things inside the leaf are then allowed to flow freely, creating the explosion of colors we see in the fall.


One thought on “Learning all around you

  1. Tara is my big cousin and I just learned that leaves change color from green to yellow/red and orange because no chlorophyl is produced when it gets cold, dark and dry.
    Your cousin Anya.

    Tara is my big cousin and I learned a lot from her writing and I think that it is really cool that her writing has been nominated for a world-wide prize. Your cousin Riya

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