Once, royal dignitaries met here. Now, pigeons. 🙂


A Year in Review: 2011 from my point of view

January 8: Senator Gabrielle giffords shot in a rampage in Tuscon, Arizona

January 9-16: Snowcation Atlanta
Februrary 10: Rebecca black’s song, Friday, goes viral

March 11: a 9.0 earthquake rocked Japan, disturbing the Fukushima Nuclear Plant, ending in a Nuclear Disaster greater than Chernobyl and spewing tons of radioactive uranium into the nearby areas. The damage of this event will be felt in the country for a while to come.
April 2: India wins cricket world cup ODI

May 2: Osama Bin Laden is killed by Navy SEALS

July 15: Harry Potter 7 part 2 is released in the US
July 17: Women’s soccer world cup is won by the Japanese after a hard fought game against the US, bringing the disaster wrought country a burst of joy and hope for the future
July 23-August 15: my family and I spend a month in Cali, both North and South

August 17: First day of highschool for me which we documented with the project #day1wms on Twitter

August 22: My braces came off and I wrote a post for Edu180atl
September 9: President Obama presents a new Jobs bill to Congress

November 9: Omar Qaddafi, Libyan dictator, is killed ending almost year long Libyan struggle for independence
December 20: my 78 year old grandmother has her first art exhibition, commemorating Delhi’s centenary as India’s capital

December 24: Payroll Tax Cuts bill passed

These are simply major points that stick out in my mind. Feel free to add big events that you remember from 2011 in the comments.

What I Learned Today

At dinner a few days ago we decided to go around the table and share what we learned that day. We’ve hopefully started a tradition that I really enjoy. Here’s some of the new things my family members and I have learnt:

I found out that Tarawa is the capital of a pacific island called Kiribati. I learned about the edublog awards. Mr. Burk was kind enough to nominate this blog for best student blog. It’s always nice to know that people read what you write, that they get something from it. It’s a very satisfying feeling.

My sister learned a soccer strategy. She realized she often shields the ball instead of taking a risk and attempting to pass the oncoming forward. She also learned that the capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur (KL).

My grandmother learned about a joint park and temple in Malaysia, thanks to a documentary on tv. My great aunt heard and somehow memorized a recipe for green pepper tempura. Which incidentally I’m eager to try. 🙂

And thanks to this sharing, I learned with them!!