The Evolution of Technology

So this weekend, I had planned on renting a bunch of movies to watch, and had expected it to be a quick and easy job. However, the last time I rented a movie was at least 3 years ago. Turns out that since then, all the Blockbusters near my house have gone out of business. My dad and I had to visit the site of 3 “extinct” blockbusters and 1 that was going out of business, until we found one that could rent us the movies. At the last stop, we were informed that for only $10 a month with the first 3 months free, we could stream over 1500 or so movies at anytime through our dish satellite. This service also had mail order movies for new releases. So what could have been accomplished in mere minutes ended up taking a few hours.

This for me was an awakening example of how much technology has evolved and how it has permeated our home lifestyle. Why, if we have adjusted and accepted the involvement of technology into our lives outside of work/school, and even in most workplaces, do we not think it necessary to have technology integrated into schools? In this day and age when technology is such a big part of our lives, by keeping technology out of schools, we aren’t accomplishing anything helpful. On the contrary, by having students only exposed technology outside of where they spend most of their time, children can lack technological etiquette. This could be remedied if shools incorporated technology into their curriculums and activities.

Our world has advanced technology, so why don’t our schools, which supposedly prepare children for the future, mirror this new technologically updated world?


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