Helping Hands: Voluntary or not?

Somedays, I wish someone would voluntarily come up to me, ask me, “Do you need help?” I’ve gotten, “Can you help me?” before and I have no qualms asking others the same. Yet I wonder if my expectations are too high. Is it unrealistic to expect someone to reach out? How often do I do that for others in my daily life? How do I explain this to those around me without coming across selfish or self-centered? Should I let others know or simply keep waiting and watching?

I’ve been warned occaisionally that if help isn’t asked for then it’s usually not needed and therefore not helpful. Does this apply in my case? Does asking for help make it feel less like help? I wouldn’t mind the occasional helping hand stretched out to pull me up. But I can see the flip side too. Sometimes, help comes across as annoying, because even though the helper has the best intentions, the receiver may not always be so keen to get the aid.

These thoughts reminded me of one of my first ever lengthy-ish blog posts: This post touches upon how even the smallest bit of help should be regarded as ok becuase that’s sometimes all someone can do to show they care. It really helped me adopt a better mindset towards helping others and accepting all help graciously, whether you needed it or not.

So maybe then, it’s alright to be on the lookout for that diamond person in the rough sea of life, the one willing to give help without expecting appreciation in return. And I promise, if this happens to me, I will be sure to appreciate it for the sentiment behind it. Because it’s truly the thought that counts.

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