The Student Voice

Today, the website and blog project launched. is a place for students to join their voices as one and let their thoughts be heard, because our time is now. Now is the time for our voice- the Student Voice- to be heard.

Below is my piece from the website. Be sure to visit the site to see others’ posts and ideas.

Unleash the power- Listen to the heart:
People always say to “Listen to your heart” and “Let your conscience be your guide.” What if we were to apply those ideas to the real world and “literally translate” these words of wisdom? To me, these words mean to trust those who have the most inside knowledge and the best point of view on the question at hand. One’s heart is the core of the body and contains all the vital pieces- listening to one’s heart is like checking with your body to make sure you’re treating it well. I think that we ought to apply this philosophy to education. I have seen how the adminstration may not listen to the heart of its establishment, the students. In a blunt nutshell, students are the reason schools exist, a concept that is often forgotten. The administration can say all they want but by going to school everyday, the students know what it’s really like and have no reason to say otherwise. If schools don’t listen to what their students have to say, it’s like a smoker disregarding cancer as not being a sign of maltreatment of their body.

Students have voices, they just need to be heard. When students speak up and let the body know what the heart thinks, things happen.

A year ago, I took a class called Synergy whose purpose was to give students a outlet to use their power and voice as students to make a difference. Through this course, I saw the impact that speaking up can make and learned that of you talk to the right kind of people, you can find plenty of ears to listen to the voice of a student. As a part of Synergy, I used my voice to tweet about TEDxAtlanta, promote twitter in education and classrooms, and help clean up my school cafeteria. With our voices united as one, or a harmony of various thoughts, there is no limit to the change we can bring if we unleash our student voices!


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