Yesterday, I had a productive meeting with my principal, Mr. Peters. Over the summer, I discovered the excitement of TED:Ed and thought that it would be an interesting thing to incorporate into Westminster. My idea was that, if it were made into a class, students could learn about what makes these videos engaging and sticky.

Mr. Peters had another idea, with the broad concept being turning post and extra curricular elements into Creditable non courses. For example, having a short summer program and ongoing usage during the year for robotics or students replacing IT. This would act as a way to make the things we students do “academically” outside of school on a daily basis and enjoy, count as school credit.

From that concept, which is already in place to some extent, we went back to the original idea and embellished it. Now, the plan is for students to make instructional videos, like the ones featured on TED-Ed, to teach various concepts to their peers. I think is a good idea because not only does teaching the concept help the video makers learn, but having what will hopefully be a subject archive of videos will be a great studying resource. Eventually, if the idea catches on, we were thinking of turning it into a sort of “film festival” maybe around February (as a little pick me up for the spirit) and have different categories like “Funniest” and “Most original method of presentation” etc. As a finale to this video idea, we could possibly hold a TEDx Westminster. Who knows!

Hopefully, the first “phase” of this project will have started by the end of this year. And here’s to this 2012-2013 school year, go cats!

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