The Construction of Time

As I was flying over the Pacific, I was wondering what the time was in my upcoming destination, how much sleep I’d actually gotten and for which night. Then it hit me. Time as we perceive it, with differences between place to place is irrelevant. I say this because time is currently a man made concept. Sure, times of day- morning, evening, night- exist as part of nature. But times and days, concepts that we cling to and work around, are merely numbers or labels that we as humans have given the feats of nature. Who says that when it’s 12:00 am in Atlanta, it’s 12:00 pm in Beijing? What if I were to change the numbers that I followed? Who decided that 2 o’clock would be at a certain time of day and that every sixty Mississippis is one unit closer to the next big unit (minute) and so on and so forth?

Maybe this is old news or my slightly sleep deprived brain spouting craziness, but the thought that time could be removed and the world would keep on turning as per usual intrigued me. So did the fact that the human race invented time. If I could go back in time and ask the “inventor” of our current system of time (not days and such but hours and minutes) one thing, it would probably be, Why’d you do it? And how?


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