2012 Favorites

As the year comes to a close, I wanted to cultivate a list of a few of my favorite books, movies, videos that I saw or read this year, and I thought, why not share? I was inspired to do this by Mr. Couros and I hope my sharing inspires someone too!

Favorite Band– a tie between The Wanted and Mumford and Sons (yes I hopped on to the British bandwagon :D)

Favorite Movie– I loved Pitch Perfect (which I’ve seen twice so far). I keep listening to the songs on repeat and of course, I learned how to do the cups trick. 🙂

A book that really made me think– Cal Newport’s How to Become a High School Superstar and How to become a Straight A student (which I read towards the beginning of this year) turned around how I approach studying.

Favorite book (of the year)– Once again, I have two: Eat, Pray Love and Les Miserables (which I am currently powering through before I see the movie).

 Favorite non-educational site– youareyourwords.com, which is a site that allows you to turn a picture into an image made up of a quote of your choice. It’s picky about how big your photo can be, but when it works, it’s awesome!

Favorite educational blog post of mine– Either My Stance on EdReform or Old School Can’t Teach Students New Tricks

Favorite non-educational post of mine3,2,1 or Adventures in the Big Chinese Chicken

Inspirational video– I have two favorites. One I was involved in making and the other is just a good pump up. The first one is this student voice promo video. And the next is this commercial for Nike called No Excuses, and it really makes me think…

That’s all folks. Hope some of the links made you think or smile. 🙂


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