Destruction is easier than creation

As my mother and I were taking down our Christmas decorations about a week ago, I remarked on how much easier it was to take everything down than it is to put it up in the first place.

Then, as my brain gears started turning (slowly… I was on break after all :P), I started thinking about how in life, destruction generally comes easier. For example, the hard fought creation of a sandcastle is lost in minutes, even seconds, with a rising tide or a careless foot.

With education reform, many people are earnestly supporting the scrapping of the current system (and I’m partially guilty of the same philosophy). However, the process of recreation is not as immediate. Simply changing the mindset or getting people to “discard” the old system is not a new system. It takes a broader curriculum, a shifted focus, a universal appreciation for faculty and teachers, a respect between students and teachers and a drive to truly prepare students for the real world and not just to gets A’s and pass tests. And it doesn’t involve pushing aside those who hold fast to the “opposing” ideas they believe in. everyone’s voice counts. That way students can get the most out of school. It’s a team effort. It takes listening to both those with the experience and hindsight AND the newcomers. And that’s something we can do. It might not be as easy as getting back to square one, but reaching the final (for now) square will be even more satisfying.

I’ve realized that the road to reach a big goal like this is often long. But it’s worth every step. After all, it’s about the journey!

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