My hope for the future of education

My greatest hope for the future of education is that it will prepare us students for the “real world”. I believe leveraging student voice is important to achieving this goal. A redesign to achieve an even more practical and “useful” school is possible by getting the true inputs of students- those who are learning and absorbing, and for whom school is designed. I have started to have my voice heard and I want other students’ voices to be heard just as loudly. To that end, I got involved with the idea of promoting student voice through gathering together other students also interested in education “reform”. In the summer of 2012, I became a part of a solid community and team that created This website is a platform where students can share their thoughts. Students from across the globe are currently sharing their ideas on how our voices can be heard and how we believe school can become a place we ALL want to go to. Additionally, we have #stuvoice chats every Monday on Twitter, covering various topics related to students, such as education, politics and daily life. These chats are like giant brainstorming sessions- powerful, raw and spontaneous. These conversations, both on twitter and on the site, fill me with new ideas, a renewed sense of community and a desire to do more. In 2013, I hope to further amplify my voice and our collective student voices as we continue to try and help make schools a fun place of learning that prepares us students for the “real world”.

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