A couple of days ago, I recognized how nice it is to get away from technology for a little while. Last Spring, my family and I went to Egypt, where my cell phone had no service or wifi. Accustomed as I was to mindlessly sliding open my phone and checking email, being without my phone just like that was weird, to say the least. But as the days passed, I almost didn’t want the flood of contact, the constant presence of everyone. It was nice to spend vacation with JUST my family- no work, no email, no texting. My senses all got a little sharper, which was nice, but also saddening. It was a really soothing vacation, in more ways than one.

I went for approximately a week without my phone and suddenly, a few days ago, I wanted that freedom again. I’m realizing that while staying in touch is good, sometimes the immediacy is too much. The constant beeping leads to great anxiety and stress, often for no concrete reason. Sure the red numbers on my to-do app motivate me to do work but I’m not sure that’s healthy or if that has an effect on the quality of my work.

I’m not gonna lie, I use my phone a lot. It’s my go to place for writing (anything other than essays), sending emails, taking pictures, my to do list, listening to music and of course, making phone calls. As a society, and many others have said this before me, we are becoming too dependent on our phones and our constant attraction to a screen is detracting our awareness of the world around us. I never understood how accurate that was until now, and how perfectly nice it feels once you adjust to not being in constant contact anymore.

So like all things, I think my phone is great in moderation. My to-do app is awesome until it starts to give me headaches. Being able to ask and answer questions in seconds can get exhausting. Maybe I’ll turn my Internet off and un-plug for a little while.

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