Big Issues and Small Actions

This week, the US Supreme Court has been hearing arguments to determine the constitutionality of two big laws on the subject of gay marriage: California’s Proposition 8 and DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act. As a result, the public has rallied. Flamboyant protestors with all kinds of signs surrounded the Supreme Court building on Tuesday and Wednesday. All across the country, people were expressing their opinions on social media, news sites etc. Lots of students in support of equal rights came to school wearing red. Additionally, on social media more and more people changed their profile pictures to red equal signs. Even those on the opposite side of the issue changed their profile pictures- some of them even to unequal signs. It was a great exhibit of free speech and how people speak from the heart when they are allowed to be heard.

All this sounds positive right? Free speech, spreading the word, getting the cause out etc. But a couple classmates of mine commented on the true effectiveness of such gestures. They said, “it’s not like me changing my profile picture, posting lengthy status or waving signs is going to change the Justices’ minds. So why do it? It just causes tension and draws attention with no little impact. We’re just kids, we don’t have a voice.”

I might have screamed “BUT YOU DO HAVE A VOICE. YOUR VOICE MATTERS.” But instead, I just decided to meditate upon the sadness of that statement.

I understand where that perspective comes from. Sure you may not influence this decision- but there’s always an off chance that you just might. Any action, no matter how small, helps raise some sort of awareness, helps perpetuate the spread of truth and ideas. I am of the opinion that everything helps. If I put a drop in the bucket, it’s at least one drop more than before. If everyone puts a drop in the bucket, we have an ocean.


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