Que Sera, Sera

When I first started blogging in April 2011, I intended to use it as a tool to preserve thoughts and memories from certain points in my life. As a result, I thought it fitting to encapsulate a blog about my journey through life with the title Life’s about the Journey (I know, suuuper creative :P). 

Since then, my journey has meandered through bits of middle school, freshman  and sophomore years of high school with an influx of new interests and  ideas, even China for a summer, and now it has deposited me across the Atlantic, all the way to France. I am spending my junior year in Rennes with School Year Abroad (SYA).

In parallel to my blog “Life’s about the Journey”, I have been maintaining a travel blog, “Explore, Dream, Discover” where I document my travel experiences (sights and my observations) to an audience mainly consisting of family. For my experiences this year as a high school student in France, I planned on using my travel blog.  But as I reflected further, I realized that my year in France is not truly a quick travel trip but more a new addition to my life’s journey. Therefore, what better place to capture this next leg of MY journey than here? 

There’s a lovely quote by author Henry Miller that I think nicely illustrates the potential waiting in this year that spreads out before me like a green line in one of those financial investment commercials. He says,

 One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.

During my year here in France, I endeavor not only to “visit” the place but to hopefully slowly morph into a local, gaining a new point of view or a fresh sense of sight as I absorb the culture (starting with drinking milk in bowls…) In that vein, I plan to view each week as a stepping stone in that journey.

Et bien, le voila, upcoming posts from France!

A bientôt!

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