Mile High Musings

September 6, 2013

I keep pinching myself. (Don’t freak out mom, only figuratively)

I just disembarked in Paris. Life right now feels like a dream, neither extremely happy nor extremely sad, just unreal.

I have a year, no, 9 months, until I sleep in my bed again, until I see in the flesh faces I’m used to seeing multiple times a day. A whole school year until I set foot back onto the only campus I’ve known since I was 5.

But I have mere hours until I see the place I will call home for the next nince months, until I enter the building where I’ll take classes from now till May.

As something I’ve been anticipating for a long while, years even, I can’t believe it’s really here.

On my last day in Atlanta, I constantly reminded myself “I leave tomorrow” in an effort to convince myself it was truly happening. Not that I doubted it would, but this flight represents the fruition of a dream.

As I soared above the gradually darkening clouds, I kept telling myself: I’m on a plane to France.

I’m going to live in France for an academic year.

I’m still pinching myself. I think my body has shut down from an excess of quite adrenaline speeding towards my brain (cuz that’s totally how the body works right? Can you tell I’ve never taken biology?). After one total meltdown as we pulled down the driveway in Atlanta, it’s like my body has gone on a detached auto-pilot. Coupled with every mental reminder of the self evidence of my new French existence is a post script: it’ll all be fine. Don’t cry. You’ll see them soon.

My mental block has taken up a pretty firm position in my brain. For lots of my fellow soon-to-be-classmates and I, the reality of it all still hasn’t sunk in yet. (I’m sure it will and when it does, I’ll be haunting Skype like a fiend :P, but as of now, I feel oddly “at peace” for someone with a smorgasbord of emotions all jostling for a stronghold).

I’m going to live in France for my junior year of High School.

I can’t believe I’m not dreaming.

From France (EEP!) with love,

(originally posted on Sep. 6 at Explore, Dream, Discover)


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