Things Fall Into Place

Winter has arrived in Rennes. After a few weeks of sunny respite, we were hit by an incessant drizzle, temperatures in the 40s and personally, a sense of belonging that marks my fifth week abroad. Activities are being coordinated, routines have been found and life has set into a groove.

With my host sister G and another host sibling, D (far-right) crossing the Baie

This week was highlighted for me by encounters with real French people outside of my host family, getting back our first grades from last week’s pile of assessments and getting settled into various extra curriculars. Personally, I’ve committed to helping out at a retirement home starting in November and have become a member of the International Club. In addition, learning only two languages just felt weird 😛 so I’ve also been continuing Chinese over here at Rennes’s Confucius Institute. The level isn’t too difficult and this way, I also get to meet French people with similar interests- win/win!

My successful week of new French connaissances continued with this weekend’s school trip to Mont St. Michel with host siblings. 65 SYA-ers and multiple host siblings braved the cold and mud to cross la Baie de Mont St. Michel. Misery loves company and I befriended a couple of host siblings as we commiserated on the sorry state of our feet and our general fatigue. I must have said “je ne peux plus” at least every few minutes… Walking the 8 kilometers really wiped me out. So much for getting rest over the weekend!

Trying to stay warm and being super discreet about it with (from left to right) S.B, I.S, N.B, K.M and I.C

Four days of classes stand between me and two weeks of vacation. See you on the flip side!

One thought on “Things Fall Into Place

  1. Tara, I am so enjoying following your amazing journey this year! I am not at all surprised by the way you have made a place for yourself in Rennes and know that you are soaking in everything. We all miss you here! Keep on with the amazing writing so that we stay connected!!!

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