Favorites of 2013

The second edition of my yearly favorites, check it out!

Favorite Band– Bastille, the perfect soundtrack for my year in France!

Favorite Movie– Now You See Me. Includes a fabulous cast (Dave Franco, Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg anyone?) and a plot twist that’ll blow your mind.

Favorite book (non fiction)– Imagine by Jonah Lehrer
A conglomeration of ideas on teamwork, team building, personal motivation, and productivity with research and scientific studies that prove the general points, all stemming from basic principles of creativity and the various powers of imagination.

Favorite book (fiction)– Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
Magic like you’ve never seen it before, a quirky circus and a beautiful, messy love story.

Favorite App– Charity Miles, an iPhone app that allows you to work out and give back at the same time. Just choose a charity/non-profit organization from their list and start walking/running/biking. Their corporate sponsors donate to your chosen organization for each mile you log. What are you waiting for?

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