Bait and Switch: Two PSA’s with a twist

At the movies the other day, I noticed that in between the 30 minute chunk of previews that precede the feature film, the French interject public service announcements (PSA). These PSA’s are not your average admonition but operate on the same level as the moving “It Can Wait” campaign (sponsored by AT&T) that often features victims of car accidents cause by texting and driving and their families.

One such video was a short “film” entitled Ivresse, that centered around the different kinds of drunken-ness. In engaging vignettes, the audience was shown the reactions of people drunk on nature, drunk on adrenaline, drunk on lust, drunk on love, drunk on alcohol and finally drunk at the wheel. The message I gleaned was the underlining idea that being drunk wasn’t all bad, just something to be avoided while driving; in more general terms, amuse oneself wisely.

Another such Public Service Announcement that deviated from the normal forumla, though not featured at a French movie theater, was a Swedish ad that started out simply touting a certain brew for its smoothness. Then at the moment when a normal beer commercial would have been over, this film just kept rolling, stating some harsh facts about the Swedish, their statistical usage of alcohol and the negative affects alcoholism can cause. An ironic conclusion, drew the video back full circle, with a rhetorical question: “How’s that for smooth?”  

My mouth almost hit the floor.

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