Life in a Hurricane: Seeking Solace in the Eye

Sometimes it feels like I’m living in the eye of a hurricane and every so often, I’m jostled into the whirlwind of stress, work and lack of sleep.

Thankfully, for me this week was calm, the first week since coming back from Christmas Break that I’ve felt went by relatively quickly. However, this week was also rather uneventful, but I think only a handful of my classmates would agree. As I sit in my loft bedroom writing this, the majority of SYA is at school taking the dreaded SAT, which I took way back in October. Now that the time has come for everyone else to take it, I am so thankful that my parents signed me up for it last semester. (Parents, when you read this, feel free to send me a text saying “I told you so” :P)

Having the SAT out of the way has allowed me to finally settle back into a  routine. I got an average of 8.5 hours of sleep a night (*cue simultaneous interwebs’ gasp*), went for a couple runs (once with my easily excitable host dog, now that was an experience), did a little shopping (when there are month long sales, and you’re a teenage girl in France, shopping just sort of happens), a lot of writing (summer internships applications + articles to submit = I need a keyboard cushion) and a proportional amount of school work, I promise ;).

Sometimes though, I feel like the center of the hurricane doesn’t have wifi or the French networks have poor coverage, because I’m missing the Australian Open and am dreading not being able to watch the Oscars or the Olympics (this is my earnest plea for livestream links- please send them my way via the comments!).

This week, the weather was once again bipolar… I’m beginning to consider this the norm. Most days started off by being gorgeously sunny yet as soon as I went indoors, I could start hearing the tapping on the windowpane that slowly built up to a persistent drumroll. I feel like the weather in Rennes encompasses what it’s like to be here, studying abroad. Some weeks it rains 24/7, on rare occasions the whole week is sunny and bright, but most of the time, it’s a mix of the two.  C’est la Vie! 


Seen on campus: “In Brittany, it only rains two times a week. Once for three days, and the next time for four days.”

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