Today I Am Wiser

…because I have survived my junior year. Most people will extol the hardships of this penultimate year of high school, complaining about APs, the pressure of the impending college process and a heavy course load. “My” junior year was memorable and hard for other reasons, namely that I spent it taking most of my classes in a language that is not my first, in an old Victorian house located in Rennes, a city in the westernmost region of France, where I lived for nine months without my family. If you’ve read this blog before or have been keeping up with my adventures, this is old news, as is the fact that I can’t believe it’s over. Nine months seems like a long time at the start, even halfway through and especially during the dark winter months. But now that I’m at the end, I feel like nine months couldn’t have possibly already passed.


Things I know thanks to this year:

  • surround yourself with people who care about you and you will never be alone
  • what a triskell is
  • that winters can be long and depressing
  • the joys of speculoos
  • there is no such thing as a non-rainy season in Rennes
  • that the best crepes and galettes are found in Brittany
  • a long run and a hot cup of tea can help relieve most of life’s struggles
  • I am an expert in franglais and can no longer really speak proper English, so it seems
  • nine months is a seriously long time
  • nine months is no where near enough time
  • this too shall pass


Things I have yet to learn:

  • how to live without salted butter, French baguettes, half days on Wednesdays and my 65 new “relatives”
  • how to say goodbye
SYA France Class of 2014-- Ne me quitte pas

SYA France Class of 2014–
We did it #victory










(This format was inspired by one of my friend’s blogs: check it out!)

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