SYA France 13-14

My junior year in Rennes with SYA France documented here. Follow me all year long!

Week 0: Mental Trip PrepTake-OffYay People

Week 1: Dépaysement, In Photos

Week 2: Settling In, In Photos

Week 3: Bretagne in Technicolor, Travel Trip #1

Week 4: 10 Lessons Learned, First Impressions

Week 5: Things Fall Into Place

Week 6: Fall in France

Week 7: God Bless Toussaint

Week 8: Loire Valley, We Are All Pilgrims

Week 9: End of the 1st Quarter

Week 10: It’s the Little Things

Week 11: On the Cusp of Winter

Week 12: Giving Thanks, ‘Tis the Season for Giving

Week 13: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Week 14: 100 Days Abroad

Week 15: 12 Days of Noël

Week 16: Home for the Holidays

Week 17: Halfway

Week 18: Another Day, Another Year Older

Week 19: The Eye of the Storm

Week 20: Full Speed Ahead,  Life in France: A Whole New World

Week 21: A Snapshot (or a few)

Week 22: Gaining a Different Perspective 

Week 23: Running Through Time

Week 24: Spring has (Sorta) Sprung

Week 25: La Vie en Rose: A week in Paris

Week 26: What is Germany? (March Break week 2)

Week 27: The Start of the 4th Quarter- The Beginning of the End

Week 28: Flirting with Spring

Week 29: Scenes of Spring

Week 30: Carpe-ing all the Diem, Forum Libération 2014

Week 31: April Flowers and Easter Showers

Week 32: Gearing Up, Final Campus Reporter Post

Week 33: The Carpe Diem Adventure Part 1

Week 34: The Carpe Diem Adventure Part 2: Provence, Welcome to the Méditerranée, Aix marks the spot

Week 35: It’s the Final Countdown

Weel 36: Last Week of School,  A School Year in Review

Week 37: Looking Back, A TributeAdvice on SYA from FR Class of 2014


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